All four partners at Harney & Wells (Carol Harney, Jane Wells, Sarah Mellish and Alison Harbour) are members of the Law Society’s Children Law accreditation scheme.  In addition, Sarah Mellish is also a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Advanced accreditation scheme and Family Mediation accreditation scheme.

Therefore, if you ask Harney & Wells for help in family law or children law, you can be assured that our partners are recognised as having the knowledge and experience to meet the demanding Law Society criteria in these areas.

The Law Society runs a number of such accreditation schemes in order to…

  • promote high standards in legal service provision
  • ensure that consumers are easily able to identify legal practitioners with proven competency in given areas of law
  • help consumers to make informed choices
  • provide information for courts, statutory bodies and other professionals
  • ensure that scheme members maintain relevant standards of competency and expertise by means of periodic reselection and re-accreditation.

For more information about the schemes see…

Law Society Accreditations