In complex cases, or where mediation/collaborative law fails (or cannot be agreed as a process between parties), it will be necessary to go to court to resolve the dispute. Harney & Wells has much experience in successfully representing their clients in court cases related to…



Under the present law, there is a substantial difference between the rights of married couples and the rights of unmarried couples upon relationship breakdown. Married couples have rights against each other set out in one Act (The Matrimonial Causes Act). However, unmarried couples have no automatic rights against each other and to make any claims or deal with disputes they have to rely on a number of different statutes. Harney & Wells have experience in working in this complex area of law.  For more details see our Cohabitation Information Sheet.



Injunctions are protective orders for people who are the victims of abuse, intimidation or harassment. There are two main types of injunction under the Family Law Act 1996: Non Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders. These orders are designed to protect the threatened party and, if you need such help, Harney & Wells is experienced in processing such orders through the court.  For more details see our Injunctions Information Sheet.

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Financial Orders

Financial Orders refers to the resolution of the financial aspects of a marriage breakdown. The various types of orders include maintenance for one of the parties, maintenance for children (if agreed), lump sum provision, transfer of property and pension attachment/sharing.  For more details see our Divorce & Separation Information pages or our Financial Orders Information Sheet.