Harney & Wells partners have extensive experience in family law and our objective is always to resolve family disputes and breakdowns quickly and cost effectively without recourse to court wherever possible.

Therefore, if you are involved (or feel you may become involved) in a family dispute or breakdown then you are welcome to contact us to seek legal advice.  We are experts in dealing with these situations and will be familiar with the circumstances in which you find yourself.

You should contact us to seek advice if…

  • You or your partner are considering divorce, separation or dissolution of a civil partnership.
  • You or your partner have decided to seek divorce, separation or dissolution and you want to know the best way to approach this.
  • You are involved in a divorce, separation or dissolution without legal representation and there are disputes about money or children (access or residence).
  • You are divorced or separated and are concerned about access to your children or about where they are going to live.
  • You are divorced or separated and your partner is not providing maintenance as agreed.
  • You are concerned that your children may be taken into care by social services.
  • You are in a relationship and have concerns about domestic abuse or child abuse.

Please contact us on 01273 684666, by email or by using our contact form to talk to us or to book a consultation.

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