We offer a one hour initial interview followed by a letter of advice for a special fixed fee of £100 + VAT.

Hourly Rates of the partners (Carol, Jane, Alison and Sarah) are £200 plus VAT at 20% per hour.

We offer fixed fees/estimates for…

  • Separation agreement – £500 to £1,000 plus VAT at 20% depending on complexity
  • Consent application (having agreed finances) – £500 to £1,500 plus VAT at 20% depending on complexity

Mediation sessions are normally one and a half hours in duration.  For divorce or separation (involving children and financial issues) via the mediation process will normally require 4 to 6 sessions with an additional 2 hours to write a summary of proposals.  So the cost would be expected to be in the range of £800 to £1100 + VAT.  From 3rd November 2014 legal aid has been available to fund both the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting and the first session of mediation where one of the people involved qualifies for legal aid.

Collaborative Law costs will vary according to the complexity of the case but generally are around £2,500 to £3,000 + VAT at 20% for each party in a straightforward case.

Family Arbitration please contact Sarah to discuss her fee for a family arbitration relating to finance; property; child maintenance.

We accept payment by debit card and by credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).