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Domestic abuse is still very much a taboo and many people think that domestic abuse could not happen to them or is not happening to them. Take a second to consider the government definition of domestic abuse below.

any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. The abuse can encompass, but is not limited to:
• Psychological abuse
• Physical abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Financial abuse
• Emotional abuse

If you take a look at the wheel of power, you may be surprised by how many of the areas affect you:

In the first instance you should contact the police for assistance. If they are unable to help you, there are remedies available in the Family Court to protect yourself and your children. These include non-molestation orders which prevent a person from doing something and occupation orders which remove a person from property i.e. family home.

It is still possible to obtain legal aid for non-molestation orders and occupation orders and we are happy to have assessment interviews with you via telephone to see if you would meet the eligibility criteria or what evidence you would need to obtain to meet the eligibility criteria. Even if you think you might not be eligible, pick up the phone (01273 684 666) and talk to us as we may be able to refer you to other services for assistance or you may wish to consider our fixed fee appointment for £100 plus VAT to obtain some initial advice.