Family Lawyers and Mediators in Brighton

On 4th November 2019 Harney & Wells merged with Goodlaw Solicitors LLP. Carol Harney and Sarah Mellish retired on that date.

Jane Wells and Alison Harbour moved to Goodlaw Solicitors LLP with assistants, Nicola Osbourne, Lizzie Simmonds and Jeanette Wells.

All closed/archived files of Harney & Wells are held through Goodlaw Solicitors and therefore any enquiry in relation to an old file should be directed to Goodlaw Solicitors.

The information and resources on this website will be maintained for a period but all enquiries should be directed to Goodlaw Solicitors.

The contact details for Goodlaw Solicitors are…
Phone: 01273 956 270

Our Core Values


Harney & Wells have unrivalled experience of family law and mediation in Brighton.  Our partners have been practicing in these areas for between 20 and 30 years each.


The Harney & Wells partners are members of the Law Society’s Children Law, Family Law Advanced and Family Mediation accreditation schemes.

Value for Money

We are aware of the pressures on and the concerns of our clients at these difficult times.  We always aim to keep our clients’ costs at the minimum necessary to meet their objectives.


We will always be completely open with you about your situation and objectives.

Keeping it out of Court

We always prefer to use mediation or collaborative law as these approaches are usually quicker, cheaper and less stressful than going to court.

Divorce & Separation Information

Our website has a wealth of information on divorce and separation including a glossary and a ‘how to’ guide.  Either click on the ‘Information’ tab above or select one of the links below.

How We Can Help

Legal Advice

We can discuss your objectives and advise you on the best route to achieve these minimising time, cost and stress.


Mediation is a divorce or separation process that avoids the need to go to court.  In mediation both partners work with a trained and impartial mediator to agree what is known as a summary of proposals.  The summary of propsals will need to be ratified by a legal advisor for each partner.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is also a divorce or separation process that avoids the need to go to court.  Here, the partners each have their own trained collaborative lawyers. The couple and their collaborative lawyers meet in a number of ‘four way meetings’ to agree a settlement.

Representation in Court

If you do need to go to court for divorce, separation, dissolution of a civil relationship or children matters (access, residence or social services) then we have the skills, experience and accreditations to advise you and represent you.

Family Arbitration