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Domestic Abuse and the Family Court

The Court presumes that the involvement of a parent in a child’s life will further the child’s welfare so long as that involvement does not put the child or the other parent at risk of suffering harm – the child’s welfare is the paramount consideration of the Court when considering the arrangements for any children. Continue reading

What ‘Rights’ do I Have as a Grandparent?

It is recognised by the Courts in England and Wales that Grandparents play a significant role in the lives of their grandchildren and this can be at risk when families separate. In England and Wales, Grandparents do not have automatic rights to spend time with their grandchildren. Continue reading

Divorce Day

The beginning of January tends to see a surge of enquires from families who have found the Christmas period difficult. “Divorce Day” (a label from the press) does not take into account the significance or how difficult it is for families when marriages/civil partnerships breakdown and the need for this to be handled sensitively and by skilled professionals. Continue reading

The myth of the Common Law Marriage

Figures published by the Office of National Statistics reveal that in 2016 there were approximately 3.3 million cohabiting couple families in the UK. Despite the urban myth that if you are together for 2 years, under the law of England and Wales, there are no such things as a “common law marriage” or “common law husband and wife”. At present, should these cohabiting couples separate, they currently have little or no legal protection. Continue reading
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Legal Aid for Mediation

From 3rd November 2014 legal aid is available to fund both the MIAM and the first session of mediation where one of the people involved qualifies for legal aid.


For further information see Legal Aid Changes for Mediation , Family Mediation in Brighton and About Family Mediation.

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