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Divorce & Separation – Documents Needed For a Divorce

You will need the following documents for divorce proceedings…

  • Your original marriage certificate or a certified copy
  • The divorce petition and one copy
  • A Statement of arrangements and one copy (if children are involved)
  • A cheque for £415.00p or an application for a fees exemption/remission
  • A statement of reconciliation if you are going to instruct a solicitor

If you were married abroad and your marriage certificate is not in English then you will need to obtain a translation by a translation service that is recognised by the Court.  To be recognised by the Court the translation has to be certified by a notary public or authenticated by a statement of truth.

In the divorce proceedings if you refer to there having been court proceedings involving your family then you will need to annex a copy of the Court Order to the divorce petition.

The statement of arrangements document sets out information about who looks after the children; where they go to school; and information about their health and other matters.

If you submit an application for a fees exemption or remission you will need to complete a form called an EX160 (latest edition 9/13).  You will also need documentary evidence to support your claim  for full or partial exemption from the Court fee.

If you are going to instruct a solicitor then your solicitor must complete and file a statement of reconciliation.  This statement  certifies that your solicitor has discussed with you whether or not the possibility of a reconciliation has been discussed and given you the names and addresses of persons qualified to help effect a reconciliation.

Please refer the divorce document on our website for further information.

Divorce & Separation DocumentsDivorce & Separation Documents

Legal Aid for Mediation
From 3rd November 2014 legal aid is available to fund both the MIAM and the first session of mediation where one of the people involved qualifies for legal aid.


For further information see Legal Aid Changes for Mediation , Family Mediation in Brighton and About Family Mediation.
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